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CCTV could save your business
CCTV has long been used in retail outlets to manage issues such as stock shrinkage and theft in stores. But CCTV can be used to manage both external and internal theft, Global Security Solutions Managing Director Ross Johnson says.

He tells the story of a client, a convenience store operator, who had noticed serious stock losses over the years and couldn’t understand where it was going.

“On installation of a CCTV system, he discovered that a trusted employee, treated almost as family, had been costing them roughly $60,000 per annum.”

On a smaller scale, but still just as important, another client had a CCTV system installed, and within two days caught one staff member stealing from another‘s handbag.

Internal theft has increased over the years.  This can happen through genuine mistakes when staff are ringing up a sale.  Or, as demonstrated with another Global Security client, through actual theft of goods and/or cash.  This theft can also come in the form of staff working with external friends or associates who may hand a $300 item over the counter but only $30 is rung up.  Alternatively, two articles are brought over the counter and only one item is charged.


A CCTV System can be integrated with cash registers to ensure there is high visibility of all transactions at the point of sale.  CCTV Cameras (monitors) can be placed directly over the cash register so void and other unusual transactions can be recorded and investigated to ensure the incidence of this type of stock shrinkage or theft is minimised.

CCTV_installerAs well as point of sale CCTV, a retail outlet should have many cameras throughout the store, paying particular attention to any blind spots in the store, stock rooms and even staff and lunch rooms.

One of the biggest mistakes that can be made is by not using quality cameras with adequate resolution.

“There are some cheaper cameras on the market that provide really low resolution, making it difficult to identify an intruder or, if you’ve captured them and then try to use the CCTV footage in court to prosecute, it may not be acceptable. It’s like the age old saying goes – what you pay for is what you get,” Johnson says.

It is also essential to have the Digital Video Recorder of the CCTV system in a separate location and locked away.  Thieves are aware that if the Digital Video Recorder is stolen then there is no evidence of them being in the store.  

When thinking about security, it can be easy to think that you can get away with a cheap CCTV kit system, and install it yourself.

“ However, if you do your sums, it can cost you much more in the long run than the initial outlay of a high quality CCTV system that is designed to meet your needs.   For example, if you are a retailer with stock valued at $1 million and you’re losing, on average, 3% annually to shrinkage and theft, that’s $30,000 per year – every year. “

He says that when thinking about purchasing a CCTV system, retailers need to ensure that they get the best available for their needs as it can save their business in the long run.  

Johnson recommends that once the system is installed some additional precautions are taken, such as putting up signs that highlight to customers and staff that they are being recorded on CCTV.

“ One client put a special sign in the staffs’ break area saying ‘Stealing can jeopardise other jobs as well as your own’.” This retailer was quite proud that he’d reduced his stock shrinkage dramatically within a very short space of time.”

Greeting  customers as they walk in the door has also shown to be a deterrent in shop theft.

CCTV can also provide managers or owners of multi-site retail stores, the facility to use their CCTV to supervise and monitor their stores off site.  

An extra benefit of CCTV is that it can support and manage O.S.H. Policies to minimise potential hazards or future claims against the retailer.  

“This can certainly ease the mind of the manager/owner, and ensure that staff are aware that security is ever present.”

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