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Make sure your property and belongings are safe over the Christmas break!
Book a service on your alarm system today and give yourself that extra peace of mind over the holidays.

As we approach the Christmas Season, we would like to check if you have had a Preventative Maintenance Service in the last 12 months? If not, please consider booking a service before the holidays.


These inspections are critical to maintain the reliable operation of your system, and this ensures the protection of personnel and property, insurance certification and avoidance of false activations. False activations cause additional expense and nuisance with after-hours callouts and unexpected charges, especially if you are away and are unable to attend to the alarm activation.


What does Alarm Servicing include?


  • Conduct visual inspection of all alarm components including cabling and connections where accessible for signs of deterioration or damage
  • Check battery power supply including charging rates
  • Check and walk test all detectors
  • Check satisfactory operation of manually operated devices e.g. Duress Button
  • Check and test all audible warning devices, sirens and speakers.
  • Ensure building changes have not impaired the efficiency of the system
  • Repair minor faults where necessary (additional costs may apply)
  • Update User details and codes

Need a monitored smoke detector???
Have a hard wired smoke detector added to your existing system from only $175* incl. gst and installation
(this price is for a residential application and price may vary depending on existing system and any limitations.)

If you have any questions or would like to book a service, please contact us on, or by calling our friendly team at our Technical Service Desk, on 0800 247 100, to arrange a time for a Technician to attend.

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